How to install Config Server Firewall (CSF) on your VPS

On a VPS you get full control over your server, it means that you are responsible for updates, security, configuration of your server. To fully protect your server, you can install a firewall as CSF. This software is totally free and most people use this software because it has a simple and friendly interface. CSF can properly adjust to everything yourself so that your server is protected up!

How to install CSF:
– Install CSF (Config Server, Security and Firewall)
– Login with PuTTY SSH or the TransIP SSH console as root and install CSF with the following commands:

tar -xzf csf.tgz
cd csf

Once you have that then you can see it in DirectAdmin Config Server Firewall & Security under the heading Extra Features.

How to install Config Server Firewall (CSF) on your VPS

CSF is now installed on your server, you can configure security for your own needs.
Click on ConfigServer Firewall&Security

Next step is click on Firewall Configuration

You can also perform a server check in CSF, when you click Check Server Security, you will see the status of your secure and how to adjust this.

Pay attention! CSF is not yet active;
Remember to change TESTING = 1 to 0, once you’ve changed then your CSF is active.
Now you can restart CSF and using it.

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